FIG. is my Final Major project for University. It is a short surrealist film that I developed throughout my final year. 

From beginning to end, this was a solo project and one I am very proud of. I learnt a lot during this process and enjoyed every second of it. 

As said my one of  my lecturers, ” I like that it’s a bit weird”.

A special thanks to my cast and crew for their help.

The Skulker is an interactive film I made in my second year of my degree. 
It was a massive learning curve making something interactive, but it was fascinating and so much fun!

Available at:

I directed this music video for Owen Petch. It was really fun experimenting with a greenscreen and is still one of my favourite projects I have worked on.

This is my animation portfolio. During October 2020, I took part in an art challenge and tried to draw or animate something everyday of the month. This is a collection of my favourites.  

This was my first attempt at animation besides my production ident. I decided to animate a mouse finding a feather boa and having a cigarette in memory of my pantomime loving Grandma Mouse.